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How many lactation cookies should I eat a day?

 3 - 5 cookies should increase supply. More than 5 cookies per day cannot harm you, but you might end up gaining some unwanted extra pounds.

Can anyone eat lactation cookies?

Anyone can eat lactation cookies, even dads, since they are high in nutrients that everybody needs.

When will I start seeing results?

Our studies have shown that moms who eat between 1 and 3 cookies per day WILL see results within 4 days. MOST moms will see results in ONE day.

Are there medicines in your Cookies?

No. Our products contain only natural ingredients. We do not use medicines in our mixes. We are also free of preservatives, additives, dyes, artificial flavorings and MSG.

P.S. Cookies are not to replace traditional methods of breastfeeding. Moms are encouraged to use hand compressions, skin to skin, latch the baby, and pumping for the best results. Feed in a calm space and make sure you are relaxed and hydrated. If you any questions. Locate you local CLC or IBCLC.